Bike Accidents and Injuries, A Detailed Know-How

Bicycling is known as a healthy mode of transportation used by a lot of people in the US. The law specifies that this human-powered transport has the same responsibility and rights as other motorized vehicles.

Using a bicycle, especially on huge roads, is always risky, and sometimes these risks result in accidents and casualties.

The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration or NHSTA stated that bicycle or motor vehicle crashes represent 2% of the total number of fatalities involving traffic crashes in 2015 alone.

This is about 1000 people losing their lives each year because of these unfortunate events. The percentage is increasing each year, and it’s an alarming problem.

If you decide to choose the bicycle as your transportation, it is important to know the things you have to prepare before you hit the road. Safety comes first, and avoidance is always better than cure.

Bicycle Safety Precautions

man on a bike

Select What Fits

This applies to the bicycle you’re going to ride and the helmet you’re going to wear. Make sure that the bicycle is fit for your body, height and capacity, and pick a helmet that can protect you best.

Equip Yourself and Your Bike

Wear protective gears, check your shoelaces and opt for vivid clothes. Your bike needs to have front and rear lights as well as reflectors for better visibility. Don’t carry unnecessary things. Strap it to the back of your vehicle or simply carry a backpack

Be Predictable

Follow the traffic and do not deviate from the course. Select the safest route and make sure to signal properly when you’re going to shift directions to warn other vehicles.

Be Mindful of the Pedestrians

Make sure to stay in your lane, and let the pedestrian pass safely.

For Drivers, Share the Road

The road is a public property, don’t own it. Give space, and share the road amicably.

Now, if you find yourself in an accident, you have to be level-headed to ensure your safety and avoid fatal damages.

Your actions after the accident create a big impact on your future decisions, so you have to stay calm and think fast.

What To Do If You Have Been In a Bicycle Accident


Seek Help

Ask for immediate medical assistance, and contact the police for further assistance. Wait for the authorities to arrive before doing anything drastic.

Do not tamper or attempt to fix anything.

It will ruin all the evidence. Make sure to move somewhere safe instead, and tend to yourself for any serious injury.

Exchange Information

It is important to exchange information with the other party involved for your protection. Make sure none of you leave the scene of the accident until the police arrive.

Document the Scene and Your Injuries

If you’re not heavily injured, document the scene and damages. Keep your medical bills and documents. It’ll serve as your proof and may come in handy.

bike accident

Never Negotiate

Do not negotiate with the other party or their insurance provider. The other person may be apologetic and remorseful at the moment, but their minds might change after a while.

It’s not advisable to negotiate with the other party’s insurance provider as well. Make sure to have a channel, may it be the police or a legal assistant.

Hire a Professional

It is best to get an attorney before you talk to your insurance company. Insurance is tricky, and they may use your words against you. A legal assistance can also provide you better options especially if a legal battle happens while settling the accident.

These bicyclists have the same responsibility as the motor vehicle drivers, and they share the same rights as well. Take the proper steps when you get involved in any bike accidents. You’re protected by the law so make sure to abide it as well.

If you have been recently injured, don't hold up. Seek for an immediate legal help.

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