Car Accidents - A Detailed Overview

A car accident is also referred to as a traffic collision or motor vehicle accident. This occurs due to a collision between a motor vehicle and a stationary object, a pedestrian, or an animal. Car accidents can bring serious consequences for the victim and his loved ones. Some of which includes, medical expenses, damage to property, injuries, and even death.

There a lot of factors that contributes to a car and motor vehicular accidents. To learn more about this, take a look at the common causes of car accidents that are listed as follows:

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Common Causes of Car Accidents

There are a number of causes that can lead to car accidents. Weather condition is one of the most common causes. While other car accidents are due to the negligence of the driver and lack of focus while driving. If you can understand and learn more about the factors that can contribute to a car and vehicular accidents, you can help drivers to avoid such violations and prevent it from happening.


One of the leading causes of car accidents is the failure to follow the prescribed speed limit. Certain road conditions require different speed limits. This depends upon whether it is a highway, a residential area, or when the road is winding. When you drive faster than the speed limit for certain road conditions, that is considered to be speeding.


Using a Device

Destructed driving, increases the chances of encountering danger on the road. In most cases, the driver is destructed because he is texting, talking with someone on the phone, or playing with his music player, mobile device or GPS. Because of its prevalence, more and more states have begun passing laws that prohibit the use of a phone while driving. These laws are called distracted driving laws.

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Driver Fatigue

When a driver is tired or sleepy, he usually nods off and falls asleep. When this happens, there is a very high chance that a car accident would occur.


Drunk Driving

The saying goes, Don't drink and drive. Driving while under the influence of alcohol can post a lot of danger which is at most times, fatal. When you drink and drive, you increase the probability of causing and accident or being in a car accident.


Defective Auto Parts

When a part of an engine or the vehicle is defective, it can cause the motor vehicle to run in a very dangerous manner. The common defects of a motor vehicle parts are brake issues, defective tires, defective air bags, and more. Also, in case an accident occurs, when the safety feature of the car is defective. It can increase the chances of experiencing serious injuries or even death.


Poor Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can also pose a danger to the vehicles and people on the road. Some of the most common condition are wet or Icy road, reduced visibility due to blowing dust, snow, heavy or fog. When this happens, drivers are required to pay extra attention, care and precaution while driving.


Statistics of Car accidents

According to statistics, there are approximately 1.3 Million people who died in a car accident every year. Which accounts for an average of 3,287 deaths every day. And road traffic crashes were in the 9th place as of the top 10 leading causes of death. This is the reasons why extra care and precaution are needed as the risks of getting into an accident remains high.


Types of Damages in a Car Accident Claim

It is important to the victims of the car accident to know and understand what are the types of car accidents and how can they value them. This will prevent the victim from accepting settlement offers that are lower than the required amount in the damages that they have suffered and lower the amount than what they could have had recovered. The valuation of injury claims would usually require the help of a legal personnel or a personal injury attorney.

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Medical Expenses

In a car accident claim, medical expenses are usually the largest part of the economic damages. The medical expenses that are included in it are all the costs that the victim have incurred as a result of such accident together with the costs of future medical assistance, treatments, and care.


Income Losses

When the victim of a car accident is left unable to work temporarily or permanently, they can recover damages for their income losses. A lawyer experienced in handling physical injury cases can help you calculate the earning losses and compensation for future wages.


Pain and Suffering

The pain and suffering that the victim has suffered can also be claimed as non economic damages, which is more intangible. There are laws that allow the victim to recover damages for the pain and suffering he has experienced due to the accident itself or the resulting injuries thereafter.


Loss of Consortium

The spouse of the victim can file damages to claim for loss of consortium. This happens when the victim of the accident is left in a disabling condition that prevents him or her from enjoying the normal relationship he or she experienced and shared with his or her spouse. Take note, however, that the spouse can only recover damages if the lawsuit filed by the victim against the party who caused such accident has been successful.



In case the accident left the victim in disfigured or scarred, damages in relation to his or her disfigurement can also be claimed.


Loss of Quality of Life

Some car accident leaves the victim permanently disabled and unable to live the life they used to have. There are laws that will allow them to also recover damages in relation to this, to compensate them for the loss of their quality of life.


Property Losses

Car accident victims can also recover the loss of properties. This kind of claim can be possibly claimed separately from the bodily injury claims. As such in most cases, these kind of claims are being filed prior to the personal injury charges to enable the victim and his or her family, to recover the property that they lost which usually aids them in their daily lives such as vehicles, or a place to stay


Additional Damages

In car accidents which caused death, the family members of the deceased may also recover additional damages. This includes burial and funeral expenses, pain and suffering that their loved ones have experienced, medical expenses that were incurred by reason of such accident, loss of consortium, and loss of love, companion, and affection.


Compensation for Damages

A lawyer will inform you about your rights and the possible options and claims you have in relation to the accident that you have suffered. They will study your case and handle legal procedures and all of the paperwork you need to ensure that your case is right on track. With a great lawyer, you will have a higher chance of having the compensation commensurate with the loss you suffered.

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