Pedestrian Accidents - How To Handle Things If You Have Been in This Situation

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point, and like everything else related on the road, there are bound to be accidents. The United States alone has serious pedestrian accident issues with over 5,376 casualties in traffic crashes in 2015 alone.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA provided a public document detailing the fatalities of these pedestrian accidents. The reports include about 129,000 pedestrians taking a trip to emergency rooms for crash-related injuries, and pedestrians are more prone to accidents than the passengers inside a vehicle.

pedestrian accident

Here are the most common victims of pedestrian accidents:

  • Children – The 2015 data shows us that one in every five children below fifteen years old were killed because of traffic crashes.
  • The Elders – 19% of pedestrian deaths are accounted for adults age 65 and above.
  • Alcohol-Induced Individuals – It both applies to the driver and the pedestrian. Alcohol would never mix well with roads and pedestrian so it’s no surprise that alcohol-impaired individual tends to crash directly to a car and vice versa.
  • Other Factors – A dark road, non-intersection areas, vehicle speeds, and reckless crossing and driving. People who get distracted fall victim as well.

Now there are a lot of ways to avoid these kinds of accidents. It is pertinent for a pedestrian to walk any street at a designated intersection or crosswalk, and always choose a sidewalk for a safer route.

It’s also advisable to carry a flashlight especially if you’re going to walk at night, and wearing brighter clothes can help you as well.

These steps are common, but accidents happen in a blink of an eye so it’s also essential to know the things that have to do when involved in any pedestrian accidents.

What To Do When Involved in A Pedestrian Accident

For Drivers

  • Stay Focused and Assess the Situation – Do not leave the scene of the accident. Stay calm, and assess your surroundings. If you can, move the vehicle to a safer area to avoid further damages. Approach the pedestrian involved, and move him or her somewhere safe as well.
  • Call for Help – It’s important to call for help regardless if the accident is small or big. Dial 911 for medical assistance, both for you and the pedestrian, and inform the police of the situation.
  • Stop Implying a Fault – Don’t immediately say that you’re at fault. There are things to be assessed before concluding any negligence on your part. So unless you’re drunk and speeding, stop saying it’s your mistake.

For Pedestrians

  • Evacuate the Street – If you can, move out of the street immediately. Find a place to sit down and assess your injuries and the situation.
  • Call the Authorities – Dial 911 and ask for help. Get help even if you feel fine. The authorities would know how to proceed once in the scene. Get treated and perform necessary tests to make sure that there are no internal injuries.
  • Let the Driver Stay – It’s not easy considering your situation, but call for the driver and ask him or her to not leave your side.
  • Seek Security – File an insurance claim immediately, and if the situation arises, hire a lawyer to handle the legalities of the accident.

Both Parties

  • Exchange Information – If both parties are able, information should be exchanged for easier communication. Provide your name, number, and even insurance provider.
  • File a Report – It may be a mutual decision or not, but filing a police report would help you in the long run. The accident may not merit any legal actions, but it shows you’re a willing party.

It’s hard to predict what could happen when you’re crossing the streets, but it helps when you know what to do when the situation arrives.

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