Brain Injuries - Causes, Types, and Legal Claims

The brain can suffer from injuries in different ways. These injuries can be brought about by medical problems such as a stroke or brain tumor.

Injuries that occurred because of medical conditions are referred to as acquired brain injuries or ABIs. However, the most common kind of brain injury is the one that is brought about by an intense blow or jolt to the head. This one is called Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBIs.

What Causes Brain Injuries

According to the estimates that were made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, there are up to 1.4 Million people in the United States that suffers from a brain injury each year. Let’s take a look at the most common brain injuries and its causes.

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Traumatic Brain Injury is the kind of injury in the brain that occurs more often. When this happens, it damages the nerve cells and can cause bleeding or swell in the brain. Most of the Traumatic Brain Injuries are treatable, although this may be the case, the consequences of which can impact the victim’s everyday life and can cause physical, mental, or emotional stress.


Some Of The Common Causes Of Traumatic Brain Injuries Are:

The severity of the injury and the degree of damage depends upon several factors. This includes the nature of the injury and the force of the impact. Take a look at the common causes or events that cause traumatic brain injury.


Blow In The Head

A blow in the head often results in closed head injuries. The common cause of which is car accidents and impact sports. Take note however that not all blow in the head results to Traumatic Brain Injury. In case you have concerns, it is still best to see a doctor.



Penetration of objects in the skull results to open head injuries. This can occur when a bullet breaks through the skull and come in contact with the brain.


Severe Shaking Of The Head

When the head is severely shaken, it can cause a rupture or tear in the nerves of the brain. This happens oftentimes to infants. The more common term for this is the shaken baby syndrome.



An injury in the brain may also result due to whiplash or the forceful and abrupt back and forth motion of the head. Brain Injury by reason of whiplash usually happens in car accidents.



Traumatic Brain Injury can also result when someone falls off a ladder, the stairs, in the bath and other elevated platforms. This happens commonly in older people and young children.


Motor Vehicle Collisions

The collision of motor vehicles is also one of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury. The persons who are riding the vehicle and the pedestrians involved in such accidents can suffer brain injuries.


Sports Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries can also be caused by accidents resulting from sports activities like soccer, boxing, football, baseball, skateboarding, hockey and other extreme sports or high impact sports.


Explosive Blasts And Combat Injuries

For military personnel, the common cause of traumatic brain injury is explosive blasts. The damages resulting from this, however, are not yet well recognized. There are researchers who think that the pressure wave that passes through the brain significantly disrupts the functions of the brain.

When a person suffers from a Traumatic Brain Injury, he or she can lose consciousness, have amnesia for a short period, or be confused for several weeks.

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Legal Rights of the Brain Injury Victims

A brain injury not only affects the victim but as well as everyone that is surrounding his life. There are a lot of victims of brain injury who lost their motor skills, as well as, cognitive functions.

With this, more help from family members will be needed or a private nurse should be hired to help in the everyday activities of the victim.

If you or your loved one suffered from a brain injury, you might suffer from a lifetime need of medical treatments. With this, it is important to consider your rights and the options you have to attain the justice that you or your loved one needs.

Brain injuries could bring huge changes to your expenses and your capability to work. Aside from that, it can also affect your relationship with others.


Compensation For Damages

There are a number of good brain injury lawyers that can offer you more than just representation in your case. They can also help you express the extent of damage that the brain injuries has caused you or your family. This will allow you to claim compensation for the damage that can aid in financing your continuous medications or recoup what you have lost.


What Is The Legal Basis Of Your Legal Claim

It is important for you to know and understand the idea on which your case will be based on. This will help you identify what will you have to prove to be successful in your claim. If you understand the legal basis of your case it will be easier for you to gather the pieces of evidence that are relevant to your case.


To be successful in the legal action you filed, you must prove and show the following:

  • The law that requires the defendant to observe reasonable care or the duty of care
  • The failure of the defendant to act with reasonable care towards the plaintiff
  • The inaction or action of the defendant caused the injuries to the plaintiff
  • The injuries and/or losses that the plaintiff has suffered due to the injury
  • The injuries are pecuniary and measurable under the law.


Seek Legal Help

A lawyer who handle and specializes in brain injury lawsuits will help you express the extent of brain injury case. They will investigate the different aspects of the case and learn about your rights and your options with regard to it. This will enable you to claim the compensation that is commensurate with your injury.

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