Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston, Texas

The number of personal injury cases in Houston, Texas has spiked at a whopping 17% since the last year.
The majority of these cases get put aside or put the victim in a vulnerable position.
Take every precaution possible so you can get the help that’ll increase your chances of success in your case.

About Us

We are Personal Injuries Legal, a team of experts that aim to provide you with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury. The lawyer we provide you will be 100% committed to making sure that you get the justice you deserve and the money that belongs to you. Too many times, we’ve seen people fall victim to the incompetence of lawyers who aren’t prepared to take on a personal injury case. This results in the victim settling for a low settlement and not being satisfied.

What We Provide

A Professional Team

We have a team of consultants that want to provide you with a lawyer who’ll help you.


After contacting us, we’ll set up an appointment so we can speak about your case and understand what exactly you need to go up against the insurance company and win.

Expert Lawyers

After your consultation, we’ll connect you with lawyers who are experts in your type of case, exponentially increasing your chances of success in your case.


We promise to always have strong communication with you so you aren’t confused or wondering what’ll happen next. Transparency is important and we want you to be informed.

Commitment to You

Our team is 100% dedicated to helping you with your case. We'll stop at nothing so you get the justice and compensation you deserve. We are tired of seeing people lose out on the money they deserve and be taken advantage of by the system. We only want to provide massive value and to help you succeed.

Expert Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston, Texas

If you’re in a personal injury case in Houston, the very best thing you can do is call us. We have a network of some of the best lawyers in the state who not only are experts in personal injury but also specialize in different types of personal injury cases.

Our Lawyers Will Provide

Expert Knowledge

Our lawyers know how personal injury claim works in the state, the statute of limitations, how to do the paperwork, and how you should be represented for the best chance of a successful settlement.

Communication With Insurance Companies

A healthy relationship with insurance companies is important. Without it, you’re in a vulnerable spot to be taken advantage of. Our lawyers will make sure you’re strongly represented and that you don’t get bullied into a low settlement.

A Detailed Case Analysis

Due to years of experience, your lawyer will know exactly what to look for when it comes to evaluating your case. They’ll observe every detail and use everything possible to help you.

An Investigative Team

Our personal injury lawyer that we provide you will have a team that’ll help gather information and assess the technical factors of your injury to create a solid foundation of your case.

Full Evaluation of Your Injuries

Your personal injury lawyer will sit down with you and evaluate all of the damages. This will include things that are commonly overlooked like mental duress and loss of consortium.

Represent Your Interests

The lawyer we provide you wants to help you get the biggest settlement possible. They’re highly motivated to help you and will only look out for what’s best for you.


Here's some of our clients in Houston have to say.

“ No other company in the entire state compares to Personal Injuries Legal. They are so valuable it’s hard to describe. Fast, effective, and professional. What more can you ask for?”

James, 42

“ The very best thing I did was call Personal Injuries Legal. After our first conversation, I had less stress about my case and knew that I was taken care. They’re the best. I’m truly grateful.”

Dora, 44

“ It’s a massive mistake if you aren’t working with PIL. These guys know what they’re doing. They guided me every step of the way and I was fully confident throughout. I recommend them to everyone.”

Bernadette, 25

Work With The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston

Our team at Personal Injuries Legal is wholeheartedly devoted to making sure you get it. We’ll provide you with a lawyer in Houston who specializes in personal injury and wants nothing but to help you increase your chances of success in the courtroom. If you’re looking for a lawyer who’ll be committed to you and can guarantee a high settlement.

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