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Recent statistics have found that there are over 3000 car accidents in the Irving Texas area every year and that only counts for a fraction of the total personal injury accidents in that area.
When random occurences threaten your way of life we do our job to make sure that every citizen has the tools at hand to exercise their rights.

About Us

We are an Irving, Texas focused law service that helps provide you with the best Personal Injury Lawyers for your case. We are completely dedicated to putting all of our effort towards making sure that you have the proper legal representation that you require, so you end up with the best results you can from a disastrous situation.

What We Provide

Professional Team

We have a team of experts ready to do a pre-consultation with you. We'll gather all the facts and necessary details and have it relayed with our personal injury lawyer.

Experienced Lawyers

The lawyers in our network have gathered years of experience working in personal injury cases and are ready take on giving you the settlement you deserve.

Huge Network

We have a large and dedicated network of law professionals who will delve into all of the logistics of your case so that you are completely satisfied with your situation.

Winning Priority

We are completely dedicated to putting all of our effort towards making sure that you have the proper legal representation that you require, so you end up with the best results you can from a disastrous situation.

Commitment to You

Accidents can occur from a wide variety of situations, so know that through our services you can be covered with talented legal professionals who will tirelessly work to make sure that justice is served.

Expert Personal Injury Lawyers in Irving, TX

It is well within your rights as an American citizen to pursue reparations for your personal injury.

Our lawyers in Irving will dedicate 100% effort towards making sure that you get everything you deserve from the parties at fault because someone is going to have to pay for that accident, and they don't want that someone to be you.

Our Lawyers Will Provide

Detailed Case Analysis

The devil is in the details. And we want to guarantee that our lawyers will make it sure to take into consideration every details entailed in your case. This is to make sure that you have the upper hand.

Communication with Insurance Companies

Following up with insurances companies can be a hassle task and you don't have to deal with these issues at all. With our lawyers' expertise in the field, they surely can take care of this for you.

A Winning Fight for Settlement

our lawyers are committed to making sure that you are properly taken care of as they will make sure that they have done their best to INCREASE your chances at a FAVORABLE settlement.


We have helped numerous personal injury cases in Irving, Texas, and here's what some of our clients say:

“When I got into a motorcycle accident because someone wasn't paying attention on the road I was in a very bad situation. I was pretty beat up and very angry, but I wasn't in the right condition to pursue restitution. My wife contacted Personal Injury Law and they connected us with a great lawyer who was affordable and did a great job at making sure I was covered for all of my medical bills and I got a nice new bike with the settlement. ”

Jeff. 45

“I've been recently injured a couple of months back. The last thing I want is to be in a huge debt with a burden of piling medical bills. I was about to give up at life, but luckily, a friend referred me to Personal Injuries Legal. They help me throughout the process from listening to what happened during the accident to the settlement.”

Georgia, 37

“I usually enjoy all types of animals, I generally find that if you treat other people or creatures well that they will return the favor. However I now know that is not the case as while on a jog I was attacked by a neighbors dog. It bit my leg and I had to deal with a bunch of medical bills I didn't know existed. Luckily for me I found Personal Injuries Legal and they helped me find the right legal help so I could deal with all of the medical issues, and they even helped me recoup my lost wages”

Ashley, 32

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The law is written in a complicated manner to ensure that everyone is kept on even ground, but only if they are equally aware of the law. Our law network in Irving is constructed so that whatever your personal injury needs are, we have the legal help that can get you the settlement you deserve.